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quick app manager v353 apk app

Requirements: Android 1.5 and up
Overview: 5 in 1 quick application manager for your android device

 Quick App Clean Cache becomes Quick App Manager, a complete and powerful application manager :
 - Cache cleaner
 - History cleaner
 - Task killer
 - App 2 SD manager (for Android 2.2 or higher)
 - Mobile traffic

 - Plus! A security tool helper that displays non system applications using potentially risky permissions.

 ★★ NOTE ★★
 When after update to 3.5 "Clear all" function does not work anymore, go to Menu/Settings and check "Force cleaning"

 ★ Cache cleaner ★
 - Clear all caches at once WITHOUT BEEING ROOT
 - Clear cache for a specified application
 - Auto clear all caches at a specified interval
 - Notification for a specific total cache size
 - List applications by either cache, data, source, total size, name, running, running app or system
 - Show application details page
 - Ignore list for the clear all process (root only)
 - Favorites to keep in top of list
 - Widget one tap clear all

 ★ Task killer ★
 - System or application
 - Kill all selected at once
 - Soft kill or system force close
 - Ignore list for the kill all process

 ★ History cleaner ★
 Clear following histories:
 - Call logs
 - Read SMS/MMS
 - Browser history
 - Market search
 - Gmail search
 - Quick search bar history
 - Maps search
 - Navigation history
 - Youtube search
 - Clipboard data
 - Frequent calls :
 Only for suppliers using based Android "Contacts" application (HTC excluded for example)
 - And all apps using android search history API
 - Display histories entries when available
 - Ignore list for the clear all process
 - Favorites to keep in top of list

 ★ App to SD manager (Android 2.2 or higher) ★

 App2SD facility tool:
 - List movable apps
 - Move one or all apps to SD card (manual assist)
 - Move app back to the internal storage

 ★ Security help ★
 Displays all non system applications using potentially risky permissions

 ★ Mobile traffic ★
 Once activated, allows to monitor mobile traffic for each application, daily, weekly or monthly

 ★ Widget notes ★
 Sometimes have to reboot phone before seeing widget in list at firt install or update.
 Avoid to install the application on the SD card if you want to use it.

 ★ Force close after update ★
 May rarely happen, just uninstall and reinstall

 ★ Remark / Issue ★
 Please send mail, comments rarely watched

 Android 1.5 to at least 2.3r1, optimized for 2.2 or higher

 Support/updates only for Android 2.0 or higher



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