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textgenie v1011 apk app

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Make sense of ‘text speak’ with TextGenie, the jargon busting translation app for puzzled parents and confused kids.

 CNFSD by TXT SPK? TGF a new app. TextGenie, launched by developer DCML, deciphers the text language and slang from incoming SMS messages and translates them into plain English for mystified adults and children alike. Making sense of the digital lexicon is no mean feat but TextGenie will do it for you automatically by drawing on its 1,500 word dictionary of otherwise indecipherable acronyms and phrases. Text Genie even allows users to build up their own database of additional words and phrases used by their children or friends.
 “Text speak” just got plain:
 -Deciphers text language, slang and acronyms
 -Automatically converts incoming texts to plain English
 -Provides an alternative text message app platform
 -Receive notifications when messages arrive
 -Over 1,500 translations pre-installed
 -Build your own database of slang or text speak phrases
 -Easy to use

 Surprise your kids or friends with your knowledge of text speak and have fun learning what they really mean. Sometimes rude, often cheeky but mostly fun and practical, the translations will help you keep one step ahead of the younger generation.

Download: Released by chathu_ac


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